Following major remodeling to the TBJ Nordic Centre over the past two seasons, resort staff have concentrated on ski trail drainage and leveling work, weed eradication and the installation of a new hydro electricity generator, the previous unit having been destroyed during the 2007 wild fires.

Remodeling of the Ski Hire and Ski School area, plus the addition of the covered outdoor shelter at TBJ has proved its worth, enabling more efficient and comfortable customer and student flow through the Ski Hire on busy days. Over 100 sets of new Ski Equipment is starting to arrive into the ski hire so we will have our hands full mounting bindings and loading new boots onto the hire shelves in the lead up to winter.

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The range of equipment on hire remains at three levels; Standard and Metal Edged Touring fitted with Rottafella NNN back Country bindings and sturdy leather boots and XCD Telemark fitted with cable bindings and comfortable plastic shell Garmont boots. All have been complimented by an injection of new stock for 2017. We have also further increased our hire stock of Snow Shoes to in excess of 50 pairs.

A note regarding the selection of equipment for your groups. While we have upgraded our standard equipment to metal edged skis; making control in icy conditions easier; the equipment is designed for light touring on the groomed lower trails. It is ideal for all levels from beginner to high intermediate but not intended for those groups carrying a back pack or heading to the summit, including those groups over-nighting in our Alpine Camp.

These groups should select either the metal edged touring or XCD Telemark range of skis, which, while slightly heavier, are stronger and have a wider platform to take the additional weight of a skier plus backpack or allow off-piste skiing on the summit area in softer ungroomed snow. We have minimised the hire cost difference to encourage groups to select the most appropriate ski for their tour. If unsure please ask for advice when booking but PLEASE select correctly as it makes all the difference for your students ski enjoyment and safety.


Siim Eilo will be returning to head the Mt.Stirling Ski School and Stirling Experience has again renewed the agreement with OÜ Suusakool in Estonia and is fortunate to have another 4 young Estonian athletes preparing for a winter of Cross Country Ski School teaching in Australia. All are sports university graduates and experienced, qualified cross country ski instructors. They have been competing in national and international Cross Country competitions throughout Europe and are keen to share their skills and enthusiasm for their sport with skiers visiting Mt.Stirling. Be it in our daily class lessons, guiding a group on a mountain tour or conducting race tuition and training for inter-school cross country teams, these young athletes bring fun to the sport.

Speaking from past experience, Stirling Experience, the Mt.Stirling Resort and the sport of Cross Country Skiing in Australia is so fortunate to have these athletes traveling out for our winter season and we have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending their instructing skills and expertise to maximise the level of enjoyment and skiing proficiency that your students will attain from lessons, tours or training with these wonderful girls and guys.


Thank you again for your continued support. Each year the demand continues to grow and we very much appreciate the encouraging words from groups that have visited in past seasons and who have built our camp into a major component of their students’ outdoor education year. Mid-week availability in July or August term time is again very tight. The Internet Availability Schedule is updated regularly and there are still a few spots including a number of Sunday and Monday nights plus some free weekends. Note: Resort student concession entry is now available on the weekend. Bookings are open so please review our availability schedule and lock in your dates now.

Remember the camp is located above the 1500 metre level, so there is normally still snow cover in September when we do have availability for a later season trip.

For those who have booked, while we provide free snow shuttle transport to King Saddle when lower level snow cover is limited, please remember that if we do have skiable snow at TBJ the ski up to our camp can take an inexperienced group 3 to 4 hours. Ideally you need to schedule your arrival at the Mirimbah Resort Entry prior to 10am. This will allow you to have skis on and ready to go by 11am, provide a short skills session at TBJ without packs, tour to King Saddle for lunch and some downhill turning & stopping tuition, prior to the tour up to the camp, arriving by 4pm. Remember Stirling Experience provide cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, stoves etc. Please advise students to keep the weight in their packs down. We want them to enjoy the experience, not break their spirit in trying to learn to ski in addition to carrying a full hike pack.


Our Mercedes Unimog 4WD is again available for transport between Mirimbah and TBJ. The 2017 student group entry fee is $11.10 per student, payable at the Entry Gate and is now applicable both mid-week and on weekends. Please remember to notify the Resort of your intended arrival and departure dates. Details of the Resorts notification requirements can be downloaded in PDF format  Mt.Buller/Mt.Stirling Resort Group Entry. Please book directly with the Resort prior to arrival whether using our 4WD transport or driving your own school bus. Also a note of WARNING to school bus or hire bus drivers. Please make sure your Driver Log Books and Hazardous Area Licenses are up to date as the Police showed no mercy last season and I am sure they will be patrolling regularly again in 2017.

Bookings for our transport should be made in advance along with your ski hire/ski school bookings. Please call the ski hire 03 57776441 or mobile 0418 773541 when you leave Mansfield or Merrijig to co-ordinate your Mirimbah pickup time.

The Snow Rider shuttle service to the snow-line is free for student groups. A contribution towards its operation is included within all student concession hire and ski school prices. Unfortunately, unlike Mt.Buller, the Resort does not subsidise this service on Mt.Stirling.


The Café has undergone a transformation, following our sale of the building and business back to the Resort Management. If your group would like to arrange catering during your visit could you please call the Resort Ski Patrol on (03) 5777 6532.

Looking forward to another fun and snowy ski touring season.

Kind Regards

Craig & Barb Jones and the Mt.Stirling Crew



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