Alpine Camp

Mt.Stirling Alpine Winter Camp:

Now for perhaps the most exciting new development news on Mt.Stirling for years. The Alpine Camp at the Cricket Pitch, adjacent to the composting toilet and guest shelter provides
SKI-IN SKI OUT ACCOMMODATION above the snow line.

Those of you that frequent the mountain know that the true alpine environment starts at 1500 meters. This is where the snow gums grow and provide safe protective shelter, the reliable snowfall remains for the entire season and the best skiing is to be had.

Up until now, leading a group, especially one comprising beginner or at best intermediate level skiers, with full overnight packs and all equipment to this area has presented an unnecessary risk. However now skier tourers can travel light. Clothing, sleeping bag and food is all that is required. If you prefer we can even cater for you from our CAMP MENU, delivered to you fresh on the day you arrive. Simply order at least 4 days in advance and our over-snow transport will provide.

Your group will arrive to a fully set up camp, dry shelter and a warm fire. If there is skiing anywhere on the mountain, it will be at your front door, plus trails around the Cricket Pitch are of a gentle grade and a day trip to the summit is only a few kilometres. Even a ski tour to Craig’s Hut and return is achievable.

Warm&Dry Comfort Ski in – Ski Out Sheltered Location

The camp is available for individual and group hire or you may care to join us on one of our all inclusive BACK COUNTRY SKI WEEK ENDS. The Alpine Camp comprises a large central Tepee with a warming potbelly stove for social activities and dining, surrounded by 7 accommodation tents. All tents are on raised platforms with insulated flooring. Accommodation tents are tall enough to stand up in and have a vestibule for equipment storage, together with stretchers, insulated underlay and warm fibre pile blankets for 4 persons in the main living compartment. Three 2-burner gas cook top, washing up facilities and water is provided in the guest shelter. The camp accommodates up to 28 persons. Tents (4 person) are available for hire. The cost is $140 per night. A 2 day minimum is preferred on weekends (Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday). Single night bookings on Saturday nights are charged $160 per 4 person tent. A discount is available mid-week for student outdoor education group bookings. See the RATES TABLE for further information and bookings.

Now that is about the same cost as hiring all that camping gear, but without the need to carry it. If you are contemplating camping on the mountain consider this alternative, safe, dry, warm, in the snow and great fun.

Mt.Stirling Ski School runs a number of all inclusive weekend tours and clinics using the camp as a base during the season, so contact the ski school and join in the fun. Phone (03) 57776441.

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