The Crosscut walk only operates during the summer months, from January to March each year. During this period Alpine daytime temperatures range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius with cool to cold nights, an ideal temperature range for walking. During this period the weather pattern is at its most stable, however the weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can change rapidly, with rain and thunderstorm activity and occasionally snow, rapidly taking the temperature to zero and below. The experience can be exhilarating, however, The Crosscut walk traverses remote wilderness areas which are relatively inaccessible and walkers must be prepared for all conditions. While for 90% of the summer, shorts, tea shirts, sun hats and sun screen are the normal walking attire, Stirling Experience do require all participants to strictly adhere to the Personal Equipment List. Items on that list marked as compulsory must be carried by all walkers as a condition of participation and these items will be checked prior to departure. If you are unable to access suitable equipment we do offer a hire service but it would be appreciated if you could notify us of the items you require and your size, seven days prior to departure. Please view the list of supplementary hiking hire equipment on our Booking Form and ensure that your requirements are forwarded at the time of booking.