Equipment Overview:

Stirling Experience introduced the shorter length Widetrak line of skis in the early 1990s to great success. These skis are ideally suited to the steeper, tighter trails for which Mt.Stirling is renowned. Built for Nordic trail systems; groomed, ungroomed and beyond, the Widetrak design maintains the same surface area (flotation) of a traditional ski, but it makes for skis that are much easier to manoeuvre and turn. With incredible stability from their wider platforms, our Widetrak skis make cross-country skiing easier and more accessible to beginners and recreational touring skiers and open the door to easy kick and glide through fresh snow.

We have looked for comfort, support and control when matching our boot and binding systems to these skis and our mountain terrain. Mt.Stirling is a ski touring mountain and while our trails are groomed and skating equipment is available through the ski hire, the most suitable equipment for beginner/intermediate ski touring is the modern shorter styled skis, combined with a study boot, giving good ankle support and rigidity for ski control. Both our standard and metal edged touring equipment is fitted with the robust and stable Rottafella NNN Back-country system (NBC), while our XCD and telemark range of equipment has cable bindings and is supplied with modern Garmont Plastic touring boots for maximum comfort and control.

Boot & Binding Systems:

Children’s Equipment
Junior Skis (70 to 160cm) are equipped with the Rottafella NNN or Solomon Profil binding. Junior boots have a firm sole and are chosen for good ankle support.
Adult Touring Range – Standard & Metal Edge
Stirling Experience was the first Cross Country Ski Hirer in Australia to adopt the Rottafella Nordic Back Country system on both our standard and metal edged touring skis. It has been selected for its superior ankle support and stability. The heavy-duty BC system is developed for back-country touring and in-track/out-of-track skiing in rugged country. The functional and reliable bindings feature a binding plate with extra-deep steering groves that match the NNN BC boot sole for maximum stability and ski control. The bindings are available with a step-in/-out automatic or the extra wide Magnum manual binding.The Venture NBC or Fischer BCX5 touring boots offer great control and stability for the backcountry skier who needs a versatile boot to kick and glide classic, light backcountry skis as well as crank turns on new generation wide metal-edged skis.
XCD & Resort Telemark
Rottafella cable bindings are fitted to all of our Cross Country Downhill and Resort Telemark Skis. These combine excellent touring flexibility with unbeatable ski control for the ultimate free-heel experience.
The Garmont Excursion is the nicest backcountry ski touring boot available: warm and lightweight with the control necessary for backcountry turns. It was specifically designed for touring compatibility with today’s new generation of lightweight, edged touring skis. The Excursion is offered in Men’s and Women’s versions with a lightweight, comfortable Pad-Lock liner.

Cross Country Skis:

Our ski equipment is available in 5 levels all conforming to the new Widetrak design:

  1. Standard Touring
  2. Metal Edge Touring
  3. Cross Country Downhill (XCD)
  4. Resort Telemark
  5. Alpine Touring (Full Release Touring Binding with Lock-down Heel)
1. Standard Touring Skis Children’s
– Karhu Pioneer Junior and Madshus Junior
Stirling Experience stocks small boots and skis suitable for children aged 3 years old and upwards. Sparking a young kid’s interest in skiing means making winter fun. Short, wide NoWax® skis are the best tools to play in the snow. Our junior skis are chosen for easy manoeuvrability and better grip to create a more stable platform – the perfect skis to get kids hooked on skiing.Adult – Karhu Rendezvous
An all-purpose Nordic ski, the Rendezvous skis easily over groomed trails and through powdery meadows. With the slimmer, lighter foam core sandwhich construction of the Widetrak Series, the Rendezvous is stable, fun and durable. The Omnitrak® base gives it the best grip and glide in cross-country equipment today. The Rendevous is a fantastic beginner level ski, most suited to day touring around the lower trail network, however it will also support those carrying a light overnight backpack. For tours to the summit or more serious overnight excursions it is recommended that metal edged touring or XCD skis are used.

2. Metal Edge Touring Skis Solstice XT
A Widetrak design born in the backcountry, the Solstice XT shares the dimensions of the stable, easy-to-ski Solstice, but with a partial metal edge for extra security on firmer snow. Wood core cap construction gives the Solstice XT light weight and durability, balanced with the great grip and glide of the Omnitrak® base.

Slightly wider than the Solstice XT, plus a full metal edge and sandwich construction. The Pavo is a very stable ski with excellent climbing ability.

The XCD GT is a classic blend of Nordic and downhill design with the slimmer, lighter Greenlight™ Core. The XCD GT has camber and a half for a true XCD feel, the superior efficiency of the Omnitrak® NoWax® base, and a touch more side-cut to kick, glide and turn with ease.

3. Cross Country Downhill
XCD Guide
Thirty years since the launch of Karhu’s first XCD ski, the XCD Guide blends traditional XCD design with the success of the wider telemark platforms for an innovative backcountry ski like no other. The XCD Guide has received rave reviews from media, dealers and consumers alike. The XCD Guide stays true to the XCD tradition with full metal edges and the Omnitrak® NoWax® base – the best waxless grip available. For climbing and descending, the XCD Guide’s 78mm waist and fat tip excel in soft snow. Its progressive side-cut and Carbon Power-bands initiate turns quickly, hold a carve and release smoothly from the turn for truly go-anywhere skiing.Rossignol
4. Resort Telemark
Let the fat flakes fall. From dark storm mornings to hunting stashes a week later, the Storm is a powerful all-mountain ski with a penchant for laying first tracks. Titanal® 3 Construction is the third evolution of our metal chassis combined with a durable, strong maple/aspen Macroblock Core that is 3D-milled to exaggerate the forked tip and pintail shape of the new metal. The result is the direct transfer of every ounce of energy into precise turn initiation and a smooth, strong finish. Its new tip and tail shapes are designed for either side of the boundary ropes, and the multiple-radii Progressive Side-cut makes the Storm the ultimate blend of quickness and versatility with width and stability. Storm is a wax based ski and requires the use of either full length or kicker climbing skins for ski touring.Climbing skins are available for hire through the ski hire for use with these skis when ski touring within the resort. 

Wet Weather Gear, Snow Shoes and Toboggans

A full range of sturdy, warm and waterproof Japaras and overpants are available for small children through to large adults.
Standard toboggans, super-carve toboggans and snowshoes are available on daily or multi day hire .

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